Project of Building Elephant Home

Dear CTH friends,

It has been two years since we set up the elephant sanctuary in Muangkued village here. It may by chance that you've chosen our camp for your tour, but we hope that this gave you the unforgettable experience - amazing nature and heart warm hosting by our team & elephants here. Thanks again for your trust and comments / recommendations in all of the social network.

As we introduced during the program , we're aiming to build a balance and peaceful way of life for not only elephants, but also nature and human in the village. At this background, we developed the project named "Building Elephant Home" to extend facilities in the camp and protect / fix the environment problems. As part of this, we would also start to setup the online program to display the elephant daily life including their behavior, living situation, food, mahout's work.

people with elephant

Project Scope

1. Build a Green concept camp

Buy solar panel and bettery to enchance the power supply to all the areas (1. elephant pavillion and 2. customer pavillions , 3. bamboo huts for volunteer staying, 4. mahout huts)

Organic farming - field to plant vegetable for customer / staff food, minimize the pesticide pollution to the environment. Grow grass, banana tree and sugarcane for elephant's food.

Reforest and save tree. Elephant scratch on the tree so that a lot of trees lose a bank and easily die. We want to find a suitable material to wrap the trees, or spray some nature plant oil to prevent they doing so, and the trees can grow up become a big tree.

2. Camp facilities & Online Program

Fence off the land elephant pavillion so that elephant could be freely walk and stay in the camp safety.

We would like to buy a truck for use in a camp, extend elephant pavillion, change a new roof (made from dry grassed) for all buildings.

Buy webcam camera and set up system on our website then people can see the elephant's daily life.

This is a project involves continuous efforts and investment. So we need your intelligence, ideas, resources, and also welcome donation to help us to achieve our vision. We would post our progress regularly on the website and Facebook.

If someone interested to come please contact direct to us at Changthaiheritage@gmail.com and +66898357543

Thank you for come to visit and have a nice holiday.

Pisut Karaket
Funder/Manager of Chang Thai Heritage