Project of Donation

Dear Sir/Madam,

At Chang Thai Heritage, we’re focus to build a sustainable elephant project nearby the Mae Teng River since 2015. Nowadays elephant is converting their logging or circus job to a more natural way of living in the camp (or sanctuary). We wish to use our knowledge to create a place where human and elephants can live with safe and harmony together, with minimum impact to the nature environment.

people with elephant

Our aim is

1. To be a self-sufficient place

Food : setting up a farm, fish pond, herbal garden so that providing the fresh and organic food to the elephants, mahouts and customers.

Water : dig a well and maintain the water system to get clean water from underground for usage.

Power : use solar power for lighting system, pump and farming.

Recycle : collect the elephant dung to make fertilizer and keep the environment clean.

Reforest : develop natural latex wrap for trees. When elephants are itchy they scratch against the bark of the tree. This causes the tree to lose it’s bark, hinder it’s abil-ity to retain water and eventually lead to it’s death. With our natural latex wrap in place, the elephants can be free to roam the forest and we ensure the trees are safe.

2. Raising attention for the elephant and figure out the long term solution for a bet-ter living

- Sharing the real-time elephant status by setting up the camera system in the camp and online program. People from every corner of the world would be able to “meet” the elephant online, watching and help them.

- In future, some of mahouts and elephants may not need to leave home to stay at the camp or sanctuary. We want to help them to return to live in their hometown. We can do this through: a) Giving them solar power, they can use this for cooking instead of wood and have power for a lighting system or a water pump for farming, not only from the rain. b) Employ them to plant an organic elephant supplements such as banana and sugar cane. So they have an income and the elephants have good food.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous support from the community.

The donations are used to pay for elephant food, for veterinary expenses, the salary of our local staff and compensation for elephant owners to bring those elephants to Chang Thai Heritage where we know they will be happy and safe. We hope to raise enough donations to allow us to buy the elephants and they can live here their whole life in peace.

If you want to support us, please visit our online donation page [link to the page]. All of us at Chang Thai Heritage want to thank you in advance for your contribution!

Pisut Karaket
Funder/Manager of Chang Thai Heritage


Elephant in camp

Welcome by donate vie Paypal at this money will help us to bring a better live for elephant and to give a solar power to hill tribe people so they can have power for light system or cooking(not cut tree) or power for water pump for farming.