people with elephant

Who we are ?

We are local elephant trainer and elephant care, we have been to worked for many elephant camps. We want to rescue elephant from hard work and circus, not have a good environment. We don't want to see elephants dancing around, elephants being hit and elephants be treated like prisoners, we want to present you our knowledge and experience for love, respect, care and make a home for elephant, also want to present Thai culture and food .We would like to invite you to become “ an elephant lover ” and please help us to adopt an elephant.

How to help us to adopt an elephant.

Visit Chang Thai Heritage from any our program.

Volunteer at Chang Thai Heritage.

Make a donation.

What we do ?

We provide a permanent, safe and secure home to our elephants and create local jobs.

We grow and buy elephant food to discourage slash and burn farming.

We cooperate directly with villages and donate school supplies and other neccessities.

We develop exciting new ideas and product and bring them to the local markets.

We have access to professional veterinarians. Re-plantation in our forest recovery.

We support our local communities and increases the people's wellbeing.